Stonebridge in the Foothills

After the first TecHomebuilder event we immediately went into action. Working with our integrator and electrician we determined that our semi-custom community called Stonebridge would be the launching pad for including smart home technology as a standard feature. In weighing our options as to who we should use Clare Controls came to the forefront. The information we gathered at the TecHomebuilder Summit from Clare Controls impressed us enough to have our integrator reach out to them. And with that we were off. Every home at Stonebridge came with the Clare Controls Automation System, lighting controls, front door lock controls, speakers and Security Pre-wire. We then would have our homeowners walk their homes with our integrator to create their “Wish List”. Once this was created we provided the buyer with pricing per item so they could pick and choose exactly what they would like in their home. This created a single source controlled, integrated system that is tailored to the client’s lifestyle. All of which was uploaded and programed to the iPad that every Homebuyer received.