NOON Smart Lighting System

The Noon Smart Lighting System eliminates the complexities and accessibility of professional-quality layered lighting by delivering it directly to the consumer at a fraction of the cost. Using patented bulb-discovery technology to identify bulb type, Noon works with existing lights and fixtures to create layered lighting scenes that are unique to each mood and activity experienced in the home. Once paired, Noon switches communicate via bluetooth to coordinate all the lights in a room. NOON’s primary controller, the Director, features a high-resolution OLED display that provides one-touch control of your lighting. The Director connects wirelessly to coordinate NOON Extension Switches — just click to turn all of a room’s lights on. Swipe to transition to your preferred scene. Extension switches pair with Room Directors and extend your NOON lighting system. They coordinate lights or work just like regular dimmers. (Director required for setup)

NOON award winning products reduces time, effort and cost for builders and contractors, also helping them expand their addressable market. NOON patented universal dimmer automatically detects bulb types reducing the time and cost for building and contractors ordering specific dimmers for each fixture type. Easy setup and installation takes away to the headache of programming and wiring complicated systems. NOON acts as a better, smarter version of the everyday light switch by creating customized scenes and coordinating all the light in a room with one touch – no hub or programming needed. There’s no learning curve or paradigm shift required to install or operate NOON. Once it’s up and running, users simply select the customized scene that match the activity they’re doing in the room on the Room Director switch, in the NOON App or via voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

NOON is a smart lighting system that coordinates all the light in a room to create custom lighting designs that are controlled with one-touch via switch, app or voice commands. Vacation Mode and Scene Prediction: The system uses machine learning to learn each individual’s typical daily light behavior. When users enable Vacation Mode, the system uses that data and AI to mimic these learned patterns while the user is away. Similar to Vacation Mode, NOON will launch Scene Prediction, a predictive algorithm that uses AI to learn which scene is most likely to be chosen by the user and then displays that scene initially on the Room Director. Night Light Mode: The Night Light feature uses motion sensors to detect movement at night and turns on ultra-low lighting to guide users path without interrupting sleep. Users get all of the benefits of professional quality lighting design at a fraction of the cost

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