Sensi Smart Thermostats

The award winning Sensi platform keeps customers connected with remote access to home comfort – Anytime. Anywhere. Designed by Emerson with over 125 year of expertise in technology & engineering, Sensi delivers precise temperature control, energy efficiency and quality comfort you can trust. ENERGY STAR certified Sensi thermostats help individuals save energy, save money and protect the environment. Sensi customers can save about 23% on HVAC energy1 by adjusting the temperature using flexible scheduling, remote access and geofencing. Customers can monitor current day and historical system runtimes right in the Sensi app. Plus, smart alerts help homeowners detect extreme temperature and humidity levels giving them peace of mind. Our latest technology, Sensi Predict, helps property managers and homeowners say goodbye to the anxiety of their HVAC system. This innovative 10-sensor system analyzes HVAC systems and lets property managers and homeowners know how their system is performing- helping them stay ahead of problems while reducing maintenance costs. For multi-family and light commercial applications, Sensi Multiple Thermostat Manager pairs with Sensi smart thermostats to give facility managers the power to control all their thermostats in one place. No more running room to room or overpaying on energy bills.

Consumer Benefits:

Sensi does more for homeowners than just make their physical environment feel good. They make them feel good —empowered to easily and reliably manage change in their home environment. Anytime. Anywhere. We know energy-efficiency is important to consumers. finds heating and cooling consume nearly half of a typical home’s energy usage, making efficient comfort control an area that’s particularly ripe for innovation. According to Parks and Associates, 82% of broadband households believe it’s important to have an energy-efficient home. Sensi customers can save about 23% on HVAC energy1 with the ENERGY STAR certified Sensi thermostat. Sensi is uniquely positioned. The entire customer experience is centered around simplicity. From ease of use to the highly-rated app, customers are very happy with the Sensi experience. Customer ratings & reviews make Sensi one of the highest rated smart thermostat. Sensi was awarded ‘Best Value’ and ‘Best Overall’ smart thermostat by USA Today’s for 3 years in a row. With Sensi Predict, our mission is to transition home maintenance from a series of reactive, costly and frustrating events to a proactive, inexpensive and hassle-free experience. Enjoy peace of mind by knowing in advance when your HVAC system needs maintenance or repair.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

One unique advantage of the Sensi platform is to enable greater connection and stronger relationships between contractors/property managers and the homeowner. We provide opportunities to brand devices, the Sensi app and Sensi marketing collateral with a contractor’s branding and contact information. So when a customer needs service, their contractor is just a tap away. With Sensi Predict, homeowners also have ongoing touchpoints with contractors through monthly, branded performance reports through email and real-time alerts of potential issues. We also want to enable contractors to be the HVAC expert and equip them with the knowledge to support their customers with their Sensi needs through onboarding, installation and sales training for HVAC technicians. Ease of installation keeps contractors moving on to the next job. It saves time and money on jobs, no matter the skill level of the technician. Contractors benefit from reduced callbacks with a high-quality product that is easy for the homeowner to use. We make it easy to integrate with smart home platforms customers already use in their homes, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, SmartThings and Wink. And integrating directly with Awair allows customers to monitor and control indoor air quality.

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