SmartRent Platform

The SmartRent platform allows users to enjoy the benefits of smart home automation. In early 2017, we set out to create software, targeted specifically to the multifamily industry, allowing users to manage a suite of smart home devices using one platform.

Today we are proud to offer an enterprise solution that allows users to manage smart devices using both mobile and desktop applications across multiple industries. Training and support is facilitated on an ongoing basis by a dedicated group of full-time employees. Enjoy 24/7 access to a support team that assist in solving a wide range of issues. With 70,000 smart home units installed across the United States, SmartRent continues to enjoy growth and produce robust offerings to our clients.

We’ve recently launched our Community Manager mobile application that allows property owners to audit work orders, manage access, move residents in or out, and more. Development of the SmartRent platform continues to produce industry-leading innovations, such as self-guided tours and access control systems that support a notable return on investment and eliminate common operational inefficiencies that pain property owners.

Consumer Benefits:

With the help of virtual assistants like Google, Alexa and Siri many consumers already enjoy the benefits of automation in their daily lives. IoT devices such as speakers, locks, door bells, cameras and thermostats have flooded the market to an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers who then experience the inefficiency of switching between multiple platforms to complete IoT device-related tasks. When moving into a smart home, consumers are greeted by a standard package of a smart lock, thermostat, leak detector and hub. They can then connect or purchase additional IoT devices for a harmonious smart home automation experience. All installed IoT devices can be controlled using the SmartRent platform eliminating the need for multiple applications.

Partnering with the Amazon Alexa Fund SmartRent is the only vendor to integrate fully backed and supported Amazon devices into its hardware lineup. Using smart products from both Alloy Home and Amazon, consumers can enjoy the benefits of smart home automation while they are away from home granting temporary access to delivery services and dog walkers even being alerted when a package has been delivered.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Asset protection is top of mind for property owners and developers. Using the SmartRent platform builders and contractors can efficiently manage a suite of IoT devices that can be easily transferred to end users minimizing the need for gobacks and warranty claims adding value to the property as an attractive upgrade for consumers. Builders and contractors can offer self guided tours, vastly expanding viewing hours knowing their assets are protected with the use of smart locks, thermostats and sensors that can send alerts if the property requires attention. Using the installation tool from Alloy Home builders and contractors can leverage installs, setup and provision the SmartRent platform. Providing an innovative solution at a comparative cost to the traditional hardware. The installer tool partnered with the platform gives builders and contractors a one stop shop to purchase and manage IoT devices ensuring a smooth turn-over.

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