LG Electronics VAHU with LGRED°

Featuring LG’s industry leading LGRED° (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) Heat Technology, the LG Vertical Air Handling Unit addresses a nation-wide need for single source heating and cooling without backup or auxiliary heat. The LG VAHU with LGRED° is a single zone system with capacities of up to 48,000 Btu/h, opening access to the efficiency and comfort of LG inverter technology to all climates across the US. LG’s inverter technology intelligently detects the cooling and heating demand and proportionally ramps the inverter compressor up or down. This is unlike traditional systems, which either turn on or off with little to no ability to calculate proportional energy use relative to the demand. Eco-conscience homeowners will appreciate the LG VAHU’s ability to displace the need for a fossil fuel alternative. Providing eco-conscious homeowners with a fossil fuel alternative, this single zone inverter heat pump with a ducted air handler provides a reliable, year-round heating and cooling solution without sacrificing energy efficiency. Whereas most homeowners need separate systems for their heating and cooling needs, with LGRED° technology, only one system is needed to provide comfort, to maintain and to operate.


Consumer Benefits:

Previously, homeowners requiring both heating and cooling had to purchase and install two different systems. VAHU with LGRED° offers homeowners an all-in-one solution that is both efficient to operate and flexible, offering a selection of capacities to meet a variety of home and load sizes.
When compared to the competition or unitary options, the VAHU carries an Energy Star designation, higher SEER ratings and HSPF for a distinct energy efficiency advantage. By utilizing one system instead of two, installation and maintenance time and costs are reduced. Safety and convenience are an added bonus, as electrification helps to lower carbon monoxide exposure risks and homeowners are no longer subject to the fluctuating costs of fuel sources and deliveries.
Traditional heat pump climates often require supplemental or backup heat during the coldest days of winter, due to their inability to provide powerful heating performance in low temperatures. In many cases, the system uses electric resistance heat strips that are costly to run when heating needs are the greatest. Fossil fuels like oil and natural gas can provide the necessary heat performance in low temperatures but are generally more expensive, associated with higher risk factors and less efficient than inverter technology to operate.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

With higher efficiencies, the VAHU with LGRED° provides builders with a powerful heating and cooling solution packaged in one system, as well as cost savings and ease of installation, thanks to its electrified heating and cooling source.
An electrified heating and cooling source means that there are no gas lines to be run, no unwieldy propane tanks, and no backup or auxiliary heat needed during the installation. The builder would simply need to purchase and install one system – reducing the number of products to purchase during the build and the electricity service needs on the panel.
The VAHU with LGRED° also makes the outdoors a more inviting environment for prospective home buyers due to the longer line set limits compared to traditional unitary systems and the quiet operation of the inverter compressor. Longer line set limits mean that the outdoor unit can be placed far away from the home to maximize a home’s curb appeal and yard space, while further minimizing the noise output of the outdoor unit.


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