2GIG EDGE Security and Automation Panel

Revolutionizing the home security market, the 2GIG EDGE Security and Automation Panel is designed with leading edge artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to offer industry-first face recognition touchless disarm. Another industry first is its 100% compatibility with live feed of ONVIF cameras enabling use of existing ONVIF devices for surveillance. In one sleek design, the 2GIG EDGE combines the best AI, home automation, audio, wireless and security technologies. Its 1.6 Gigahertz (GHz) quad-core processor combined with built-in edge analytics make the 2GIG EDGE one of the fastest panels on the market.

The panel also provides hack-proof security by supporting encrypted sensors and devices. Housed in a modern, sleek design, the 2GIG EDGE offers a higher resolution edge-to-edge glass screen that eliminates plastic bezels, is five times brighter and twice as large. Other upgrades include dual microphones with noise and echo cancellation and front firing speakers that enable two-way voice communication for best-in-class audio quality. Additional features include a built-in radio and wi-fi communications, camera and glass break sensor.


Consume Benefits:

As the most reliable and most secure panel on the market, the 2GIG EDGE panel increases homeowner security and convenience by offering industry-first touchless face recognition disarm. The panel uses edge processing analytics so a homeowner’s sensitive biometric data is never sent over the internet. And, once biometric data is deleted, it is deleted forever ensuring the utmost user security. The 2GIG EDGE panel also integrates anti-spoofing technology that ensures only the real live person can disarm the system. Further increasing security and data privacy, encrypted sensors and devices help eliminate system hacks.

Adding to homeowner convenience, it is 100% compatible with live feed of ONVIF cameras to the 2GIG EDGE panel. Supporting the use of existing ONVIF devices for a user’s surveillance needs makes this panel the center of the smart home allowing the end user to seamlessly connect to cameras, doorbell cameras and directly view video in real time from up to eight different camera feeds.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

The 2GIG EDGE Panel delivers the most secure user experience and lets builders offer the most advanced and innovative security features available today. It sets a new benchmark in form, ease of use and performance as the industry’s first home security system with built-in face recognition and analytics within the panel itself so private data stays private. Other cutting-edge enhancements are the panel’s 100% compatibility with ONFIV devices, 2x the viewing area, higher resolution, superb audio quality and 2-way voice communication. These features allow builders to showcase the added value of what a professionally-installed system can offer. A builder’s value to a potential homebuyer is further increased as integrators are able to customize the panel to a homeowner’s personal needs with controls, rules, scenes, notifications and Smart Areas™ zone partitioning.

The 2GIG EDGE panel also enables them to offer a more compelling, complete solution that more homeowners want today, and can open the door for future smart home automation up-sell opportunities. It is truly a next-generation platform that can scale and expand to meet future needs giving builders a competitive advantage in selling the evolution of home automation and security.



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