Proficient® Protege Outdoor Speakers

The Proficient Protege Outdoor Speakers incorporate best-in-class sound by leveraging the array of award-winning technologies from the Nortek Control audio portfolio. At the same time, they’re uniquely value-priced to bring brilliant sound to more people and homes. Speaker packages are designed and priced specifically to satisfy today’s home builders, design centers and homeowners who seek great outdoor sound with a reasonable price and simplified installation.

Benefits include the ideal range of robust, all-weather speakers with a ported design for deeper, more powerful bass for an exceptional sound experience. The Proficient Protege Packages offer the right number of speakers for most homes, while reducing complexity of education and installation. Various speakers available include 5, 5, 6 ½ and 8-inch Stereo, 5 ¼ and 6 ½-inch Single Stereo, and 6 ½ and 8-inch Rock Speakers.

Another key design innovation is, unlike other landscape speakers that require expensive, high powered amps, these do not. They are designed for connection to any AV receiver and pump out great sound with full coverage for wide-open spaces. With the ported design and twin tweeter models, everything needed to make musical magic in any backyard is covered with premium sound for relaxing, to barbequing, to full-on entertainment.


Consumer Benefits:

With Proficient Protege Outdoor Speaker packages known as “Music Under the Stars”, homeowners can enjoy enhanced outdoor living and high-performance entertainment in the easiest way imaginable. It’s as simple as picking a package and having it rolled into the design, build and price of their home.
• Enhanced Life Outdoors: homeowners can elevate their life by bringing beautiful music to their outdoor spaces with excellence in sound performance and simple controls. These weatherproof landscape speakers blend in seamlessly to any outdoor environment while providing exceptional experiences for homeowners and their guests.
• Extend Home Value/Performance: homeowners are spending more time at home, and enhancing every space is no longer an option. By adding a great sound experience for a compelling price, not only does the family enjoy the home more today, but they increase their property value for resale in the future.
• Ease of Price and Inclusion: as a package solution, complexity and time on the homeowners is eliminated and installation is easier. Proficient speaker packages can be simply included within the design and price of the home. Every customer is assured they’re getting the finest performance for the best price that’s backed by one of the longest-standing companies in the business.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

With Proficient Protege Outdoor Speakers, builders have the edge. They can offer exciting differentiation and bring homeowners what they want in outdoor spaces, without adding the complexity that’s usually associated with custom technology. Builders can now offer exceptional all-weather sound for every client and home price point.
• Ease of Inclusion/Efficiency: Proficient Outdoor Speakers are included in standard packages called, “Music Under the Stars” within Nortek Control’s ELAN® New Home Program and the 2GIG® New Home Program, powered by This makes these solutions ultra-easy to include in a design center or build project without major decision-making or angst, as they are rolled right into the sales process. Builder participation in these programs is offered at no charge.
• Differentiation: builders further differentiate themselves, as consumers are looking to make the most of their outdoor spaces now more than ever. These packages are only available through the design-build community backed by special builder services and co-branded collateral.
• Price and Performance: because these speakers offer the latest, high-performance audio that’s also value-priced, they don’t compete with the overall home budget. They’re a natural, easy add-on within the design process, making great outdoor sound no longer an afterthought while satisfying homeowner needs and requests.


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