Q: Why should I take part in the awards?

A: The TecHome Brilliance Awards will find and recognize the market leaders with promotions and publicity to both trade and buyer audiences. Program entrants and winners receive substantial publicity on TecHome Builder web properties. The value of promotional exposure for entrants far exceeds the cost and time of entering. For winners, who receive extra recognition and are enabled to self-promote their win, value is extraordinary.


Q: What is the deadline for entries?

A: Deadline for 2020 awards is yet to be announced. Please fill out the form here to be informed when entries open.


Q: How much are the entry fees? Do I have to pay more if I win?

A: Product entry fee is $795 for TecHome Builder Summit Sponsors and $1495 for all others.

There are no extra costs for participants whose product/project wins a TecHome Brilliance Award.

Unsure if you are a guest or sponsor of the TecHome Builder Summit? Ask Nicole Dreher-Silvia at ndreher@ae-ventures.com.


Q: My product does not fit into any of the categories. Where should I enter it?

A: If you are unsure whether the TecHome Brilliance Awards is the right platform for your product and which category it might fit in, please contact Nicole Dreher-Silvia at ndreher@ae-ventures.com.


Q: Our product is still in development, when does it have to be ready to enter the award?

A: Initial shipment of entered products must within the last calendar year.



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