If you have any further questions, please contact Jessica Salisbury at jsalisbury@ae-ventures.com or 508.802.4717.

Q. How much does it cost?

If you are a current sponsor of either TecHome Builder Summit in 2022, it is $1,295 to submit your first product.

If you are not a current sponsor of either TecHome Builder Summit in 2022, it’s $1,795 to submit your first product.

For any additional products or entries, receive $500 OFF! Discount code will be sent to you after your first entry.

Sponsors | $1,295
Non-Sponsors |$1,795

Q. When is the deadline for entries?

Entry information submissions are due August 1, 2022.

Q. Can I enter multiple products in the same category?

Of course! As long as each product meets the criteria, you can submit as many as you’d like. The same goes for the same product in multiple categories, as long as it fits.

The more entries in more categories, the more chances to get evaluated to win!

Q. Our product is still in development, when does it have to be ready in order to enter?

Initial shipment or release of entered product must be within the last 18 months.
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Q. What happens if my product wins?

Winning product(s):

  • Will be announced and recognized in front of 200+ of the top builders in the nation at the event
  • Will receive a high quality, product category engraved crystal award to keep and display at your office
  • Will receive a TecHome Brilliance Award Winner logo to use on your company website, in newsleases, on social networks
  • Will gain exposure from News Releases sent to TecHome’s 20K+ builder network
  • Will be showcased on social networks to TecHome followers
  • Will live under Past Winners on the TecHome Awards website
  • Will have unlimited bragging rights!

Q. When will winners be announced?

Winners will be announced in-person at our TecHome Builder Fall Summit taking place October 4-6 in Phoenix, AZ
Visit techomebuildersummit.com for more information about the summit.

Q. What if no one from our team can attend the event and we win?

Bummer, we will miss you! But not to worry – we will get in touch with you and make sure your award gets sent to the address you provide.