7 Series 700A11

WaterFurnace’s 7 Series is the geothermal industry’s first variable capacity unit available to homeowners and surpasses both 41EER and 5.3COP efficiency barriers. It heats, cools, and provides hot water all in one system. This groundbreaking unit features Aurora communicating controls that work in concert with the variable capacity compressor, variable speed loop pump, and variable speed blower motor to offer comfort and efficiency you have to experience to believe. The 7 Series can ramp down to 20% of normal operation or scale up to 130% output using SuperBoost™ cooling.

The 7 Series 700A11 pairs perfectly with the IntelliZone2 zoning system – the only zoning system offered by a geothermal heat pump manufacturer – to individually manage up to six different zones in a home for even more effective comfort and to boost the already amazing efficiency of the system. Add in WaterFurnace’s Symphony Home Comfort Platform, and you now have the most efficient and technologically advanced system in the world. Symphony pairs with the Aurora controls of the 7 Series and allows for online control as well as remote energy and system monitoring and troubleshooting. Symphony is so much more than a “smart thermostat.”