Houston Moroccan Memorial

Only a few miles from Downtown Houston, Texas lives the most automated 18,000 sq ft Lutron Homework’s QS system that rivals its companion Crestron System.  Sure we have 16 4K video zones, 4K Theater and 32 audio zones but the Lutron is doing just as much heavy lifting.  The client wanted a footprint not to exceed a single gang along with simple scene based lighting.  That was the easy part!  Along came Interior shades / drapes, 3 fire-pits, Landscape lighting, HVAC, Misting System, Bug System, Fountains, Auxiliary lighting and Access control.  Utilizing the expandability of Homework’s QS we were able to control these devices directly without the need for Crestron.  Crestron was still there as an overlapping shell but all logic and control of these systems was performed by Lutron.  We were able to take advantage of conditional logic on button presses to create a secret release of a magnetic door lock.  This enabled us to skip the ugly “Press to Exit” button as this was in the grand entry of the estate.  Our team is only comfortable connecting these devices to Lutron as our historical data shows the least failures.  The entire house is LED so dimming this space can only be trusted to Lutron devices and drivers