NK-1 Controller

The NK1 wireless controller serves as the coordination center of a wireless network with multiple access points. The NK1 monitors and collects the status of each access point including configuration settings, firmware status, health and performance statistics then centralizes that information. When new configuration changes are made, it automates and simplifies the task by pushing the changes to all connected access points. Integrators will also be able to fine-tune and optimize their client’s wireless experiences with adaptive wireless technologies: SectorMaxx® increases wireless range in environments where top-speed isn’t a priority, but coverage is. TruStream® prioritizes latency sensitive A/V and voice traffic for seamless performance. SmartWavTM minimizes channel interference by scanning for nearby wireless signals and adjusting the channels. FluxxTM minimizes signal overlap by adjusting the transmit power levels. This makes device hand offs significantly smoother. With the addition of Bakpak®, the NK1 can manage more than just wireless networks! IP, ZigBee, and Z-Wave devices can be monitored through Bakpak as well. With Bakpak’s self-healing capabilities offline devices often can be automatically restored without any intervention. Other wireless network controllers would need to be managed with an integrator on-site and would only allow integrators to access only the wireless access points.