Greenbuild KB ProjeKt Home

When KB Home and its partners envisioned the evolution of the starter home, they theorized that the first-time homebuyers of the future will be less focused on size and more focused on efficiency, performance, and functionality. The KB ProjeKt home utilizes movable walls so that interior space can be reallocated according to the immediate needs of its occupants, allowing for a smaller and more efficient footprint. The introduction of the concept of building cartridges, in which aspects of the home are built off-site before installation and can easily be switched out for new cartridges, affords its occupants even more flexibility to adapt their home to their changing needs without the inconvenience of a relocation or renovation. Even the home’s lighting, which utilizes programmable LEDs that can be set to different colors and temperatures, can be adjusted to the occupants’ circadian rhythms to promote optimum wakefulness and restfulness for health, wellness, and productivity. The KB ProjeKt home is the result of a collaboration between top industry professionals using cutting-edge technology and incorporating innovative design concepts to imagine a high-performance home that enriches the lives of the people that live there.