Multi V S 5-ton Heat Recovery

LG’s Multi V S is a compact, 5-ton heat recovery outdoor unit that provides zone control for up to twelve indoor units. Until its launch, VRF heat recovery systems were limited to three-phase power, or in capacities starting at six tons. With a smaller capacity (60,000 Btu/h for cooling; 64,000 Btu/h for heating) and single-phase power, the Multi V S 5-ton heat recovery is the ideal solution for homeowners and business owners looking to increase their energy efficiency and lower their energy costs without sacrificing comfort. The 5-ton Multi V S heat recovery features LG’s new high efficiency inverter scroll compressor that boasts a wider frequency range and superior heating performance down to -13 F. The innovative inverter design works to closely match the speed of the compressor with demand, translating to higher efficiency in part- and full-load operation. Coupled with its automatic changeover, temperature is maintained at a constant level, improving efficiency while providing effortless comfort control.

By only requiring single-phase power, the Multi V S 5-ton heat recovery makes energy efficiency affordable in number of applications that would otherwise be restricted to less efficient options. This allows contractors to offer not only a more robust solution but one that better suits the needs of the project. With the ability to support up to twelve indoor units, contractors are able to do more with a single outdoor unit – simplifying the design, installation and maintenance of the system. The Multi V S also provides superior design flexibility as it is compatible with a number of ducted and duct-free indoor units. Unlike conventional ducted systems, with the Multi V S contractors and builders can choose duct-free, ducted or a combination to provide the optimal solution for the project. Paired with the small space requirements of the compact chassis, LG’s Multi V S outdoor unit is an innovative air conditioning solution that can be applied across light commercial and residential markets.

Prior to the Multi V S 5-ton heat recovery, homeowners were forced to make a choice: either pay for an upgrade to three-phase power or purchase an oversized unit to get an efficient VRF heat recovery system or resort to a traditional, heat pump system. While there are many efficient duct-free heat pumps, their operation is limited to one mode at a time, heating or cooling, for the entire space. The Multi V S 5- ton heat recovery unit requires only single-phase power AND can provide personalized comfort through simultaneous heating and cooling. The simultaneous heating and cooling isn’t simply a comfort benefit, it also enables superior energy efficiency because it redistributes rejected heat to areas that need it; effectively managing the energy demands across the entirety of the system. This allows homeowners to experience tailored zone comfort without sacrificing energy efficiency. The Multi V S is compatible with ducted and duct-free indoor units including the award-winning LG’s Art Cool Mirror, LG’s Art Cool Gallery, standard wall-mounted and several other handling models giving consumers plenty of options to customize their solution to their desired aesthetics.