SpeakerCraft ATX100

The SpeakerCraft AIM Series 2 ATX100 is the industry’s first available Dolby Atmos-enabled in-wall speaker that allows homeowners to create a totally seamless yet immersive home theater experience. The ATX100 is the architectural in-wall solution to the traditional floor-standing or bookshelf height speakers currently available, and the design adheres to Dolby’s recommended specifications and requirements for optimal sound performance. To create immersive sound, the SpeakerCraft ATX100’s dual drivers and tweeter fire upward into the acoustically controlled waveguide that projects the Dolby Atmos height cue information off the ceiling, creating the immersive effect. The ¾” custom titanium dome tweeter with high-energy Neodymium magnet structure boasts frequency response up to 22kHz. With its dual 2½” Kevlar-reinforced pulp mid-bass drivers, the ATX100 can handle up to 125 Watts of amplifier power at 8 Ohms. To maximize the sound reproduction and minimize sound transmission to adjacent rooms, the ATX100 features a fully integrated acoustic back box. It also leverages SpeakerCraft’s Acoustic Isolation Technology™ to minimize acoustic energy transfer to the mounting and surrounding surfaces. This acoustic decoupling allows listeners to hear more of the speaker and less of the sound that normally radiates from the mounting surface.

Core Brands, SpeakerCraft’s parent company, recently introduced the ELAN New Home Program, an initiative that helps builders more easily integrate a smart home technology package in their offerings by partnering with local dealers and technology integrators. Therefore, builders can work with SpeakerCraft, in addition to ELAN, sell more in-home technology and enhancements to their customers during the custom build process. Specifically, the SpeakerCraft AIM Series 2 ATX100’s new design offers a more “invisible” audio solution that is more appealing to their customer base during the build and design process. The ATX100 brings the Dolby Atmos experience to any installed environment completely hidden away, designed to perform in constraints of a shallow 2×4 wall. This high-end speaker does not take away from the design of any room; rather, it seamlessly and invisibly adds functionality. Therefore, with the ATX100, homeowners have more flexibility when it comes to designing residential home theaters which is a selling-point for builders.

The SpeakerCraft ATX100 provides high quality sound and an immersive home theater experience for any homeowner. In addition to being designed specifically for Dolby Atmos® and other object-based sound formats, the new speaker targets the sound optimally. SpeakerCraft’s Acoustic Isolation Technology, employed in the ATX100, minimizes acoustic energy transfer, allowing homeowners to hear more of the actual speaker and less of the radiation from mounting surfaces. This new speaker, quite simply, creates a better home theater experience for the homeowner. Additionally, since the in-wall speaker is installed right into the wall, it eliminates the “clunky” look of a traditional floor standing or bookshelf speaker, so homeowners don’t need to compromise style for sound. Through the ATX100, SpeakerCraft was able to develop a height speaker that would perform in the constraints of a shallow 2×4 wall. This included developing drivers, crossovers and enclosures very specific to this purpose. The result is a design that brings the Dolby Atmos experience into any installed environment, completely hidden away in the wall, which helps homeowners to keep their technology “invisible,” yet powerful.