Works with Xfinity Home Platform

Xfinity Home has a platform that can operate, manage and control third-party devices. Comcast works with leading Internet of Things companies to integrate best-in-class products into the Xfinity Home platform. The process is rigorous as all devices are quality tested and a team of engineers ensure each device works as per its specification. The platform was relaunched to welcome even more connected home device makers to work with Comcast. Our belief is that a bunch of connected home devices do not make the home smart. What makes a home smart is the ability to easily manage and control all these devices and make them work for the user, our customers. That is what Xfinity Home offers, one platform, one login, one mobile app allowing our customers to manage, control and operate their home security system and many various connected home devices easily. . Our platform also makes it easy for our customers to create rules or automated commands so they can for example create a rule to arm their security system and turn off all the lights every night at 11 p.m. Smart home device makers interested in working with Xfinity Home should visit for more information.

Builders and contractors would want to provide the Comcast infrastructure that allows their residents the ability to include the experience of Xfinity’s full suite of integrated services which include: Internet, TV, mobile, home security and/or phone. Xfinity Home’s platform can also operate, manage and control many third-party connected home devices from leading IoT manufacturers including: Nest Learning Thermostat, Chamberlain MyQ garage controller, Lutron Caséta wireless controller, Philips Hue lights and dimmer and August Smart Lock to name a few. For the full list of current Xfinity Home partners, with more on the way, visit:

Homeowners that want a smart home would want Xfinity Home. The smart home is available today, but the real value of a smart home can only be unlocked by having a single platform that allows consumers to: • integrate multiple ‘smart’ home devices; • manage and control these devices; and • easily create rules or automated commands so for instance, at 11 p.m. the home automatically arms the security system, locks all the doors, and shuts off all the lights. All of these capabilities or benefits are offered by Xfinity Home, the total home security and home automation solution from Comcast. Additionally, Xfinity customers will get one bill and one support center to call for assistance or to troubleshoot any issues.