ELAN New Home Program

With homebuyer interest in smart home control and automation surging to all-time highs, builders across the country are looking to make easy-to-use systems standard in all of their luxury and move-up homes. Smart home builders are also developing strong upgrade paths atop their standard packages to increase revenues, profits and customer satisfaction. To meet this need, the ELAN New Home Program helps builders create and deliver complete and effective connected home strategies. The ELAN New Home Program takes the confusion out of offering and delivering home automation standards by making it easier than ever for builders to partner with technology integrators to sell comprehensive connected home packages to their customers.

The ELAN New Home Program offers ELAN dealers and builders a range of benefits including aggressively priced base packages, important “sell-through” services, direct manufacturer product, marketing support, project oversight, and industry-leading incentive programs. Builders can step away from the complicated technical jargon about smart home automation and introduce it for what it is: a lifestyle. Buyers want the ability to make high-end technology decisions during the design process, which makes the integration experience easier for them, while also providing the builder with an enormous advantage over the competition. And because each homeowner has different smart home technology needs, the flexible and scalable nature of ELAN lets builders present a common “base” package, then “personalize” the system for each buyer.

More than ever, homebuyers expect home control and automation to be part of their suite of new home personalization options. ELAN creates elegant, reliable, and scalable connected home solutions that meet this demand and add to the value perception for every home.