Radical Galaxy Studio

Our virtual reality is unlike any other because of the quality. We offer higher resolution than our competitors, making the image more realistic and eliminating the user’s feeling of dizziness or nausea while using a headset. Our team consists of architects, interior designers, and gaming industry professionals which allows us to create virtual homes for consumers and builders. Our product’s ability to cycle through finishes in real time sets us apart from other virtual reality products. We can build optionality into anything the consumer sees in the virtual reality space from wall colors and flooring materials to furniture options. The realistic optionality we build into the product gives consumers and builders an alternative to design that other products do not possess. This ability saves time, reduces change orders and creates higher satisfaction for all parties involved.

Unique advantages for contractors and builders would be that our virtual reality product allows them to show their clients exactly what the project is going to look like and receive decisions on floor plan and finishes in a timely manner. With one simple walkthrough, the builders and contractors can save time with decision making and move their project along quicker. It helps bridge the communication barrier between the architect, contractor, interior designer and client. All of these equally important people in the process of a construction job can see exactly what everyone else sees from the convenience of their office or home. This way, there is no need to coordinate schedules and have back and forth communication between all parties, saving time and streamlining the process in a more efficient way.

This product allows homeowners to see what their project will look like in perfect scale with all the materials built out. They can get a feel of the ceiling heights, the width of hallways, sizing of rooms and bathrooms and structural elements of the project. They can cycle through different finishes in real time, giving them a better visualization of what their project would look like from a design perspective. Our product can eliminate uncertainty for the consumer as well as avoid additional construction fees if they decided something in the project is not what they envisioned. Fixing structural elements of a project within virtual reality is far less costly than fixing the mistakes after the construction has already taken place.

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