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Since its inception in 1992, Avid Ratings has helped thousands of homebuilding professionals measure, understand, and change their organizations to improve customer loyalty and increase company profitability. Our goal is to help clients improve competitive advantage by arming them with knowledge and tools to help maximize the customer experience. Avid Ratings provides a customized dashboard revealing your scores against competitive benchmarks and customer-experience trends, while highlighting recurring events so you measure, monitor, and optimize the experience real-time, creating loyal brand advocates along the way.


Knowledge is power. Far more effective than any claims a company can make, consumer reviews motivate buyers. Social media has changed the way people shop for homes, and consumers and homebuyers are turning to online sources for advice. Star ratings, reviews, tweets, posts, shares, links, likes, and blogs are relied up for consumer advice. Our AvidCX platform has a feature that ensures our customers are part of the conversations by posting reviews on a full range of social media channels.

Builders and Contractors:

We make it easy to make data-driven decisions with real-time insights. Quickly and easily send surveys to measure, monitor, and optimize your homebuyers’ experience. Our intuitive platform allows you to manage the entire customer experience with unlimited surveys, easy-to-use dashboards, segmentation, reporting features, and more. Compare ratings with competition or 35+ industry benchmarks.

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