Delta BreezSignature SIG80-110ELED

A match made in heaven. There are no better words to describe the Delta BreezSignature SIG80-110ELED, which marries a high performance DC motor bathroom ventilation fan with an edge-lit LED light panel. The edge-lit LED is exceptionally energy efficient and lasts at least 30,000 hours – three times longer than compact fluorescent bulbs. Homeowners appreciate the sleek and bold style of this exhaust fan that is disguised as an aesthetically-pleasing edge-lit LED light fixture. Edge-lit technology offers a warm, soft glow that is easy on the eyes. The option to alternate between three color temperatures – 2700K, 4000K and 5000K – is further icing on the cake and gives consumers more choices to match their bathroom décor. Powered by Delta’s signature DC motor technology, the fan operates so quietly that you won’t even know it’s on. The high-speed adjustable feature puts the user in the driver seat with two settings for air flow at 80 or 110 CFM, depending on the bathroom size and personal preference. Some may desire faster air flow to rid the bathroom of humidity at 110 CFM (0.5 sones), while others opt for a virtually silent experience at 80 CFM (<0.3 sones).


Homeowners love the fact that the SIG80-110ELED isn’t a drab exhaust fan. Rather than an eyesore, the SIG80-110ELED becomes the star of the show, taking the focal point of any bathroom for remodel projects and new construction alike. Rich benefits, unparalleled quality and ample options are what makes this fan the no-brainer choice. The unique adjustable color temperature options bring ambiance into the bathroom. DC motor technology brings reliability, energy efficiency, but most importantly – quietness with the sound level generated as low as <0.3 sones. Time and again, quietness has been high on the wish list of homeowners who want to shower in peace. The SIG80-110ELED will also be easy on your wallet, as it saves loads of energy and is certified Most Efficient 2019 under the ENERGY STAR® program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This designation is so elite that only 2.5% bath fans on the market meet the mark. Running the SIG80-110ELED 24/7 for the year costs only $7.89, according to independent testing by the Home Ventilation Institute (HVI).

Builders and Contractors:

A decade ago, Delta revolutionized the bathroom ventilation market as the industry’s only manufacturer to offer fans powered exclusively by DC motors. The market had long been dominated by energy-hogging AC motor models that often broke down and ran so loudly that consumers would leave the fans off – defeating the purpose of an exhaust fan and damaging indoor air quality. Delta’s DC motor technology is known for its legendary reliability and is tested to run continuously for 70,000 hours – the equivalent of eight years. Delta Breez fans use up to 74% less power than comparable AC motor fans, while exceeding ENERGY STAR® efficiency requirements by more than 300%. The Delta BreezSignature SIG80-110ELED’s modern style, exceptional quality and energy efficiency remain the key selling points. Today, builders and contractors are faced with the tall order of appeasing the ever so picky consumer. The SIG80-110ELED’s design offers any bathroom a welcome facelift and sheds the image of the traditional exhaust fan grille. The embedded three color temperature option means that contractors and builders can carry one less SKU in their inventory, while maximizing customer satisfaction and choice

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