MarkSystems® is the homebuilding industry’s only single-platform, ERP information management application. It is one of the most widely used industry-specific construction software products available for homebuilders and property developers. As a cloud-based software, MarkSystems provides a single system that puts users and key stakeholders – from sales teams and purchasing agents, to field personnel and accounting – in control of business operations at any time. It offers complete integration of all functions, processes and people into a sole database, giving a holistic and accurate view of entire projects from sales through construction in real time. MarkSystems offers state-of-the-art ERP support for homebuilding activity – including accounting, estimating, reporting, purchasing, sales and design center, and customer service – delivering full front, back-office and field operations directly to every person in the building process. Scheduling or budgeting changes are available in real time to all users with access to the system, which automatically repopulates updated data to reflect new, realistic timelines and budgets accordingly. The software’s complete, homebuilder-specific feature set is designed with one goal in mind – improving home builder profitability – and has been proven to help users maximize efficiencies to grow their businesses and better serve their customer base.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

As the only single-platform, construction-specific ERP software, MarkSystems® has become a trusted resource for the building community. By offering a platform that integrates, unifies and streamlines all aspects of the building process, ECI allows builders to increase their competitive advantage within the industry, grow their businesses and better service their customers. Outside of being well-known for its technology capabilities and ability to help homebuilders and developers maximize operational efficiencies, MarkSystems is supported by renowned service and consultation teams backed by more than 35 years of expertise and experience in residential construction.