StreamLabs Control

The StreamLabs Control provides homeowners with the latest in advanced water monitoring and leak detection technology. It uses patented ultrasonic technology to measure water flow and provides real-time leak detection, water monitoring and remote water shut off options to stop leaks from causing damage. With the StreamLabs App, homeowners are able to instantly receive notifications on their smartphones for abnormal water usage, along with comparative and historical water usage data. It also features Smart Alerts™ that automatically detect and learn unique water usage habits to determine normal versus abnormal water scenarios, and gives the homeowner the option to create their own custom leak alerts. The StreamLabs Control can be set for home or away mode, so that it can quickly detect any unusual water usage while the homeowner is on vacation, or away from their second home. They have the option to set the unit for either remote or automatic shut off through the StreamLabs app on their smartphone. With the StreamLabs Control, the homeowner has everything they need to control their home’s water system through an easy to us app on their smartphone.


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