Tokara Homebuilder CRM

Homebuilders want to know everything about their prospects and customers to increase sales, improve efficiencies, and enhance their relationships.  You asked, we listened, and developed the only fully integrated, end-to-end Homebuilder CRM for every step in the customer journey.  Until now, multiple systems were required and the benefits of one system providing a 360 degree view of the customer were not achieved.  With built in advanced functionality for marketing, sales, plat map, financial calculator, contracts, option selections, and warranty, we have partnered with builders to offer a best-in-class application for everything a Homebuilder needs to increase sales and maintain a strong relationship with their home buyers/owners.  With over 20 plus years in the homebuilding industry, we are very excited to finally offer the tool that builders have been waiting for for so long.  It is accessible via a laptop, tablet, phone, or kiosk.

Consumer Benefits:

Homeowners will also benefit greatly from the tool.  The following are some examples:

– Ability to hear quickly from the builder when a request for information is made from their website

– Ability to receive marketing materials and emails that are catered towards their needs and demographics

– Ability to have access to home information and availability

– Ability to track available options

– Ability to provide service requests online and track status

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Homebuilders really want to successfully market, sell, and service their homebuyers. It is very difficult to do such without an integrated solution that tracks everything from the consumer’s first point of contact (typically from a website or sales office visit) through the process of marketing and converting them from a prospect to a homebuyer, selecting their homesite and options, producing the contract, tracking deposits, closing the home, and providing warranty service. Having a 360 degree view inclusive of all communications is critical to ensuring an efficient process for the builder’s team and a happy customer. Most of the tools available today only handle a piece of the process creating significant inefficiencies. Ron Frissora, CIO at MI Homes who is currently using the tool stated that “his team wanted a CRM tool that was intuitive and available to anyone on any device. Tokara Homebuilder CRM is a flexible and comprehensive CRM solution allowing MI Homes to track the full customer life cycle- marketing, lead/contact management, option selection, sales contracting, financial calculator, plat maps, closing administration, and warranty service – all in one application instead of having to support four or five separate systems.”