Deako plug-n-play light switch system

The Deako light switch plug-n-play system provides a much-needed update to lighting for new home construction. The system is modular and was created to make it easy to upgrade a light switch without the complication of wiring. It consists of a stab-in connector backplate that can be installed quicker than a standard light switch, a sleek rocker-style switch, and a screwless faceplate. Switches can be modified using a quick-release blue tab that makes it easy for any homeowner to upgrade a switch. From motion sensor switches to smart dimmer switches that work with Alexa and Google, Deako makes it easy to personalize the lighting needs of a home, giving the homeowner control and flexibility. Finally, the plug-n-play system makes homes future-proof and allows for continued innovation in home technology. As we continue to develop new products, Deako homeowners will have access to the latest tech and the ability to quickly upgrade whenever they want.


Consumer Benefits:

Homeowners have the ability to personalize their lighting without the hassle of hiring an electrician or learning how to wire a light switch. Additionally, with the Deako system installed in the home, homeowners have a future-proof platform that will allow them to include any new product made for the Deako backplate. They can customize their homes with a variety of smart switches that work with Google and Alexa as well as standard dimmer switches or motion sensor switches. Deako even integrates with some alarm systems so smart switches can work together to keep the home safe. The Deako plug-n-play system gives homeowners an easy way to personalize their home with lighting that fits their specific needs, allowing homeowners to create the home they’ve always wanted.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Deako is a cost-effective and marketable solution for builders who want to provide homeowners the ability to personalize their home. With no change to the build process and no added cost necessary to provide a customizable lighting system, it’s a win-win. New construction homes are now pre-wired to be customized by the homeowner, helping builders differentiate their offerings from competitors. Builders can then include lighting upgrade options pre-close or work with channel partners to offer Deako upgrade products post-close. And with a number of integrations available with the Deako system, builders can provide smart-ready homes that can be easily personalized by the homeowner to fit their specific needs.




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