NterNow – On-Site Experience Platform

NterNow is excited to launch our new on-site experience platform and next-generation mobile experience. Our brand new platform consists of 3 key features: a slick immersive experience studio, new contactless mobile self-touring redesign, and mortgage pre-qualification program experiences. The immersive experience studio provides our home builders several features: It allows them to create QR codes to put inside their properties to allow home shoppers to scan content like floor plans, incentives for discounts, and premium upgrades. Our next-generation mobile redesign is a major enhancement to the future of self-touring as it empowers the home-shopper to interact with immersive gamified experiences inside a vacant property by leveraging QR codes and other implemented technologies in the home. In one easy experience, a home-shopper can ingest personalized content to their tour, interact with home-buyer incentives, submit an offer for the home, and even use our new mortgage and finance tools to get pre-qualified. Instead of other apps like Opendoor and Zillow, which drive customers to their own self-interests, NterNow works with our home builder’s existing relationships to help generate more revenue. Our new finance and qualification features help new home buyers with mortgage calculators and find personalized mortgage rates all on-demand.


Consumer Benefits:

Home-shoppers and future home-owners finally get a fun, gamified, and remarkable real estate shopping experience. They leverage our self-touring platform to tour any house on-demand or schedule a tour. During their tour, they can interact with a personalized experience checklist for each property. Examples of our digital immersive experiences include: QR codes for property information, floor plans, premium option incentives, and also video content like virtual tours. Once the home shopper falls in love with the property, they can pre-qualify for a mortgage, submit offers on the home, or interact directly with the home builder’s sales teams.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

A majority of home builders today implement a self-touring product, which usually involves a very basic and boring web experience that is typically just a static list of homes they can access. With our new on-site platform, they can create rich immersive experiences in their vacant properties for sale. The enhanced mobile app design puts tons of new features at home-buyers finger tips that can help them interact with digital incentives in the homes, like upgrading options or submitting an offer on the home. Our finance and mortgage tools help align the home builders mortgage practice closer to the home-shopping experience. A home-shopper can also quickly schedule a video or face-to-face chat from inside their self-tour, which allows OSC’s and other sales staff to remotely support their prospects.




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