Eaton Corporation Smart Breakers

For more than a century, power has flowed in one direction: IN. From the electrical grid to homes to power our daily lives. With the energy transition, that reality is being upended and builders need circuit breakers to do a lot more than manage the intake of utility power. Eaton’s smart breakers and Smart Energy Manager app are helping power the energy transition at home by delivering the advanced functionality needed to support modern energy demands. Together, Eaton’s smart breakers and Smart Energy Manager app unlock essential data and enable new insights and ability to manage energy usage. Homeowners can view power usage, control smart breakers remotely and easily manage home energy habits. Circuit breakers are used virtually everywhere there’s electricity. This transformation at the loadcenter is a giant leap in the world’s journey to support a more sustainable tomorrow.


Consumer Benefits

Eaton smart breakers will be essential in how homeowners control energy costs and advance sustainability. Whether in new construction and retrofits to existing homes, Eaton’s smart breakers enable intelligent home energy management through monitoring and control of many connected appliances and devices. Delivering new insights into energy usage with advanced metering. And enabling homeowners to control essential and non-essential energy usage. Maximize renewables, energy storage and make your infrastructure work smarter by balancing home energy loads based on your priorities. Gain the flexibility to manage home energy usage so homeowners, energy storage and solar providers can power essential loads at home for longer during a power outage. And redirect energy to power what you need when you need it.


Builder Benefits

Eaton reimagined the circuit breaker and it’s a staggering transformation. Builders now have a simple way to help homeowners optimize their energy usage and easily integrate energy storage, solar and EV charging. With this level of insights and customizations, homeowners can make a big impact on sustainability and lower energy costs.

Smart, simple and sustainable control and insight. Here’s how:

  • Real-time energy monitoring and control of circuit breakers to use power more wisely
  • Easy integration and can install in exisiting Eaton BR loadcenters, no need for additional components and simpler grid connectivity
  • Increase adoption of distributed energy resources (DER) with lower installation costs and intelligent energy management

Eaton’s smart breaker has the safety functionality and form factor of traditional circuit breakers, and so much more. With cloud connectivity, here’s what Eaton’s smart breakers can also do:

  • Customize energy usage remotely or locally
  • Future planning with historical and real-time metering data
  • Easy integration with Samsung SmartThings Energy platform for consumer friendly home energy management ecosystem
  • Revenue-grade metering and DER integration
  • Energy management that prioritizes usage by managing loads inside the home