Contemporary Prairie Home

This home is a remarkably efficient, 4800 sq. ft. prairie style home built on 2 floors. This home incorporates a “home as a system”, holistic mindset regarding energy efficiency. First, it is a daylight basement home that fronts to the North. During Summer, the large overhangs will shade the house from the vertical rays of the overhead sun, but during Winter the large windows on the rear of the home will allow natural heating and lighting.

The rear roof hosts a 6.1 kW monocrystalline solar array, which will offset a large chunk of the homes energy requirements. In the basement are 2 geothermal HVAC systems with incorporated water heaters for maximum efficiency. These operate at 27-30 EER and all duct work is in conditioned space. They will be controlled by wifi, programmable thermostats and app integration for ultimate control and efficiency. In the rafters will be 5” of open cell spray foam insulation or R30 fiberglass batts.

All exterior glass is Low-E 366 argon filled, for a U-value of .24 and SHGC of .16. Finally, all appliances are Energy Star certified and the lighting package is 90% LED or CFL bulbs.

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