Air Visual Pro

The advanced laser technology inside the AirVisual Pro provides highly accurate real-time readings for:

See the invisible

Instantly see invisible threats from microscopic particulate matter down to 2.5 microns (PM2.5). Cutting-edge technology empowers you to know what’s in the air you breathe anytime, anywhere. Your AirVisual Pro uses advanced laser technology to provide accurate, detailed measurements of dangerous particulate matter. Understand where dangers originate, and take control.

Monitor your air

Take your AirVisual Pro with you and monitor invisible threats anytime, anywhere. Your AirVisual Pro is purposely designed to be as lightweight and easy–to–carry as possible so you can always have it with you. It is the most affordable, portable and accurate air quality monitoring device ever created. The AirVisual Pro uses smart technology, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence to provide not only the best predictive analytics, but to offer advice, as well. This advanced technology learns from your indoor and outdoor air quality data to give you personalized recommendations.

AirVisual offers data for over 60,000+ sensor points around the world. However, many places still lack local air quality data. Be part of the solution by registering your AirVisual Pro as a designated public outdoor station. AirVisual’s data empowers citizens to make informed decisions affecting their respiratory health through accessible technology. We believe that citizens and communities have enormous power to shape our world into a healthier, smarter place. The support and engagement of citizens around the world forms the backbone of what we do. AirVisual is delighted to broadcast and learn from the global air quality community on a daily basis, shaping our approach to the air pollution problem.

  • This incredible tool gives you real-time, forecast and historical air pollution data for six key pollutants:
  •  Fine particle (PM2.5) • Coarse particles (PM10)
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  •  Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • Ground-level ozone (O3) It also provides the American and Chinese Air Quality Index (AQI). How’s your air quality today? Check the app!


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