Insynctive Technology

Insynctive Technology by Pella, a leading manufacturer of windows and doors, offers integrated wireless sensors in both window and door products that allow for peace of mind while maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the window or door product. These factory-installed wireless sensors are virtually invisible when the window or door is closed, however are easily accessible if needed. The sensors are wireless so no additional wiring is required on a project and the sensors are powered by a widely available coin cell battery that can last up to 10 years. Since Insynctive integrated sensors come installed from the factory, there is no need for drilling into the window or door that many other traditional sensor solutions require which can negate the window or door product warranty. The sensors report whether a window is open or closed, or if a door is open or closed or lock or unlocked. Customers can view the status of their sensors through the Pella Insynctive App using a smart device (Pella Insynctive Bridge required) or through an integration with a compatible home security or home automation system.

A professional can use this technology as a differentiator to their customers and as a sales accelerator for instances that they leverage a compatible home security or home automation system. The sensors are factory installed minimizing on-site work needed. Also the integrated design maintains the product warranty where aftermarket solutions can impact warranty and lead to service challenges. With several ways to interact with the technology, including the Pella Insynctive app, this solution can be positioned with a wide array of customers and applied in numerous use cases. This solution is available in both windows and doors, meaning the builder can offer a comprehensive solution to their customer while being backed by an industry leading warranty.

Insynctive wireless sensors are tucked away out of sight to preserve the beauty of the window or door while still giving the homeowner the ability to understand the security status of their home. Also many traditional sensors require drilling, which can void the product warranty whereas Insynctive integrated security sensors maintain product beauty as well as product warranty. Insynctive integrated sensors have a long battery life and are easy to replace when the time comes.

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