Aquor House Hydrant

The Aquor House Hydrant was designed to bring a quality back to your water access. We were tired of the hassles of mis-threads, leaking spigots, and overall failure of previous systems when exposed to the elements. Moving to a quick connection system the House Hydrant operates like a power outlet but for your water, you walk up and plug in. Flush against the side of any project it provides the convenience of being there when you need it but out of the way when you don’t. Pair this usefulness with high quality stainless steel 316 you have a device that will hold up to cold weather, winterized automatically down to -30, and anything else you can throw at it. No need to keep using a leaking spigot, instead upgrade to Aquor’s Hydrants that look great and work even better. We make water wastefulness a thing of the past.

Using the House Hydrant builders will be able to provide their clients extended value and differentiate their projects from others. Aquor provides a longevity back to the marketplace, backed by a 10 year manufacture’s warranty. A simple installation using standard half inch female threads you can pop on any adapter to connect to copper, PEX, or even galvanized steel! Not only durable, the Hydrant gives you a worry free device since it automatically winterizes upon disconnection so you don’t have to rely on the homeowner to remember. That paired with it being fully stainless steel, House Hydrants are have 9 times lower thermal conductivity allowing us to boast the -30 freeze proof. Aquor has effectively eliminated the common user errors of overuse or mis-threads, our quick connection being tested to 150,000 cycles. Really blows the competition away allowing the builder to walk away from project with confidence everything will hold up despite who moves in.

Homeowners have fallen in love with Aquor due to the fact they are provided with a simple device that requires no extra effort on their part. Any part of the family, from the elderly to the small children, can connect into a House Hydrant comfortably up to 125 PSI. You have the added bonus of having full control of who accesses your water by simply taking the connector and hose into the garage, eliminating the ability for RV to fill their tanks or neighbors filling up the pool. We provide a Pro grade product to the everyday consumer without complicating things. Not changing how you use your water just making the access point more efficient. When winter does come around the Hydrant is one less thing on the list of home upkeep, you can just unplug and trust it will hold up throughout the entire year. Peace of mind for rental properties or second homes that aren’t frequented. We believe that Aquor is the next evolution of how people access their water!

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