Pico Scene Keypads

The Pico wireless keypad is a flexible and easy to use device that allows the user to adjust multiple lights, shades, and even audio through Sonos Home Sound System, to different levels at the touch of a button. This battery-operated keypad requires no external power or communication wiring. It provides easy access to scene control Caséta and RA2 Select systems. Keypads are pre-engraved with a variety of button marking options that were designed for typical rooms and the most common lighting scenes. Styles include Entry, Kitchen, Family Room, Bedroom and Any Room and come in Gloss and select Satin Colors finishes. Picos also provide flexibility for use as: Wall-mount keypad (with or without faceplate; faceplate adapter kit sold separately) or Table-top keypad (table-top pedestal sold separately) and requires no wiring. 10 year battery life can provide control of lighting devices, shades, or drapes within a range of 30 ft (9 m) through walls and 60 ft (18 m) line-of-sight. Each button is individually programmable using the system’s app or programming software.

Contractor setup in the Lutron App means the contractor can bypass the homeowner registration process, without a username and password, and autoconfigure a Caséta or RA2 Select system with pico scene keypads. Autoconfiguring sets the best light levels for the different types of light in the space, making it easy to add coordinated lighting in any room. The homeowner can then register and access their system via an invitation from the contractor, and also access the contractor’s contact information from the app if he/she needs professional support.

Pico scene keypads allow the homeowner to transform a room at the touch of a button. The user can easily set multiple lights, shades, and audio to just the right levels for coming home, enjoying a movie night, or cooking a family meal.