Envision allows a home builder to provide their buyers and prospects with a digital experience for their design options selections, thus significantly improving the customer experience, while improving the bottom line through higher revenue and efficiency of the design center. With over 250,000 manufacturer supplied products in the system, Envision has an extensive database of up to date product details, videos, photos and availability status. Envision also works with a builders existing systems to provide an end-to-end solution Multiple system integrations including Marks Systems, Hyphen, and HomeFront.

Envision engages home shoppers before purchase with a pre-sales module that lives on the builder website, capturing high quality leads. This experience helps communicate the superior benefit of buying a new home, the ability to build a home with the options they want.

A visualizer built into the system allows home buyers to visually see the selected options in the home before it is built, swapping out floors, colors, and countertops on the fly. With over 90% usage by home shoppers, and an average of 4+ hours spent in the online design center, Envision is making options selection delightful for home buyers and profitable for builders.

Builders and contractors love Envision because it completely streamlines the option selection process. Timelines are shortened with fewer design appointments needed. Over 90% of a builder’s buyers use Envision and typically spend over 4 hours in the system. With multiple system integrations already available, Envision is a seamless part of systems that are already in place ensuring that from selection, to purchasing and delivery, everything is tracked and verified.

By giving consumers the time to shop in the system, builders typically see a 30% increase in option sales with Envision. For a builder who builds 100 homes a year at an average price of $350,000, they see increase in revenue of approximately $360,000 a year.

The Envision Online Design Center also comes with a variety of reports to give a builder the information they need to make better sales, design center, purchasing, marketing, and operations decisions. This is data-driven decision-making at its best.

Lastly Envision gives builders a powerful lead generation tool when they use it in presales mode to engage buyers on their website. 14% of Envision leads convert to new home sales — this is 3X the industry standard for web leads.

Buyers love Envision because they can access the online portal 24/7 and research products and prepare for their design appointment in advance. With the new Envision Visualizer, buyers can use the online options changer to see what different product selections will look like in a home, trying out different colors and finishes and design their perfect kitchen or bath.

Builder collected reviews have shown a 20% increase in customer satisfaction by customers that use Envision. Buyers can create wish lists that automatically calculate how much is being added to the total home mortgage making the option selection process easy and transparent. Envision also delivers after the sale. Homebuyers are able to access warranty and robust product information and manuals long after their home is built.

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