Insynctive Technology

Insynctive Technology by Pella, a leading manufacturer of windows and doors, offers motorized between-the-glass blinds and shades that provide convenience and functionality. Since Insynctive blinds and shades are between the glass they are protected from dust and damage, while still being easy to access through a hinging panel feature included on the window or door. Also Insynctive blinds and shades are battery powered meaning there’s no additional wiring needed. Easily recharge the battery using either the solar panel or a roomside charger depending on the amount of direct sunlight the window or door will receive. There are several ways to control the blinds and shades including through the Pella Insynctive App using a smart device (Pella Insynctive Bridge required as well), integration with a professional home automation system, or by a single-channel remote. The blinds and shades also feature snap-in capabilities that allow for an easy process of changing out the blinds or shades if the customer desires a new look in the future.

A professional can use this technology as a differentiator to their customers and as a sales accelerator for instances that they leverage a compatible professional home automation system. This motorized solution is battery powered so the builder does not have to worry about incorporating additional wiring and the batteries are simple to recharge either through the solar panel or through the roomside charger. With several ways to operate the technology, including the Pella Insynctive app, this solution can be positioned with a wide array of customers and applied is numerous use cases. This solution is available in both windows and door, meaning the builder can offer a comprehensive solution to their customer while being backed by an industry leading warranty.

Blinds and shades between-the-glass are protected from dust & damage meaning less issues for the customer. Also the cordless operation is safer for homes with children or pets. Between-the-glass blinds and shades reduce indoor allergens compared to roomside window treatments. When leveraging the Pella Insynctive App or when integrated with a capable home automation systems, full rooms of windows with blinds or shades can be grouped and operated together including the ability to schedule actions based on events. This technology is ideal solution for windows that are in hard-to-reach areas where operating a window manually can be cumbersome or just not an option.

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