Legrand Radiant Wireless Phone Charger

Designed for Qi enabled smartphones, this NEW device provides Triple functionality with (2) TR receptacles, (1) and (1) Wireless inductive charger with cradle. Most of the newest and most popular cell phones from Apple (8,10, 8S, 10S) and Samsung (8,9) now offer this “no cord needed” charging capability. Legrand is first to the market in providing a solution to the unending demand consumers have for charging their devices. This solution is ideal in new construction applications as well as a retrofit solution in any wired single gang outlet in both home and office applications.

Easy to install No special wiring required Affordable (MSRP $`69.00) Attractive addition to any kitchen backsplash area Ideal for many office space applications to keep phone charged and within reach without nagging cords Provides the ability to charge with standard USB, and/or NEW Qi Wireless devices

Faster charging of their devices No need to find cords/cubes to get your phone charged Holsters the phone while charging Indicator light when charging Allows for multiple devices to charge simultaneously (USB + wireless or with charging cubes) Attractive Radiant screwless Design


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