Legrand Tru-Universal Dimmer

radiant® Tru-Universal Dimmers do something today’s dimmers don’t: they simply work – with virtually any dimmable lamp, load, and fixture on typical residential and light commercial wiring (with the exception of 0-10V LED drivers). Once a user selects the lamp type, the dimmer’s self-calibrating technology automatically sets the minimum voltage of that lamp. That means no more flickering lights, no more frustrated customers and no more unnecessary callbacks. And because it’s the one product in the category that lives up to its universal name, it dramatically reduces the number of SKUs as well. Ideal for residential and light commercial applications, the radiant® Tru-Universal Dimmer is the simple solution to all your customers’ dimming challenges.

Solves several issues for both Single pole or 3 way 1 sku has 3 color choices WH, LA, IV Eliminates the need to carry multiple skus (up to 25 needed from our competitors to match capability) Works with any Dimmable bulb and LV over 10V (great for most undercabinet or accent LV lighting) Attractive Radiant design Well inventoried item at all P&S distributors

Alleviates the worry of which bulb to use/purchase it simply works on any dimmable bulb Attractive design with the Radiant look and screwless wall plates to match any décor Slide dimmer control allows convenient setting of light level LED indicator when light is off so you can find it in a darkened room Available in a Smart Switch for additional mobile control with our free app Available in Adorne style for a more distinct style choice