Aprilaire Health 360

Health360 by Aprilaire, An advanced Indoor Air Quality Control and Thermostat that manages all whole-home air quality products (Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Ventilator, Air Purifier, and A/C and Furnace), as well as the temperature in multiple zones from a single user interface. Sensors in each zone are discrete and measure temperature and humidity. They can also be used to change the temperature set point. Health360 also eliminates the redundancy often seen when providing zoned comfort control. The system features zoning terminals that are integrated into the thermostat’s control module, removing the need for a zone board. All zones in a home can be controlled from any mobile device and from the primary thermostat. The secondary thermostat was streamlined to operate in secondary zones – with less cost and complexity than using an expensive thermostat when only simple temperature modifications are needed. In addition to controlling all installed IAQ products, the thermostat also features a built-in, patented ventilation logic. This logic provides code-driven operation with temperature and humidity lockouts to preserve the energy efficiency and comfort of the home. Health 360 is the intersection of healthy air of smart technology – providing intuitive control of the attributes that make up air quality in new homes.


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