Dun Today

Dun Today is a solution set that digitizes the three-ring binder builders give to home owners into a native app for iPhone and Android. All aspects of the home can be included; Appliances/Components, Paint Codes, Photos, Documents, Manuals, Builder-backed warranty items, Manufacturer-backed warranty items, and Maintenance Schedules. It can be used as a social engagement tool during the build process, a warranty scheduler for builders during the builder-backed warranty period, a tool for homeowners to get non-warranty services scheduled after warranty periods via an in-network of service providers, and an ongoing maintenance scheduler to keep homes in top shape. It integrates with Amazon for homeowners to purchase consumables (refrigerator filters, air filters, etc.) in accordance with maintenance schedules.

Consumer Benefits:

– Enables buyers to easily handle warranty claims, track home maintenance activities, and consolidate all aspects of the home into a mobile app.

– A way to easily pay by digital wallet for services rendered outside of home warranties.

– Digitally organizes all components of the house for easy reference (appliances, paint codes, floor plans, surveys, pictures, etc.)

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

– Delivers a digital experience customers expect

– Gives builders a simplistic analytics tool to track quality control all the way down to the sub-contractor level

– Eliminates the need to create cumbersome binders and manuals per home.

– Delivers a full home warranty scheduling platform as a digital service. – Offers Builders a sales differentiator

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