NterNow allows instant, independent access to builder’s locked spec homes or rental properties for identity-verified homebuyers and tenants looking for homes without an agent accompanying them. The patented NterNow System keeps the home secure yet accessible to agents and the homebuying or leasing public. After shopping on the internet, “drive-buyers” and tenants drive by the homes they are most interested in. These homeshoppers love DIY home touring since: o They can shop at times convenient for them o They can tour at their own pace o The touring can be spontaneous or planned o It’s totally independent, without any sales friction from an agent Builders/landlords appreciate: o The extended hours/days their properties are now available for touring/buying/leasing o The high number of early-stage leads, many which are direct sales opportunities o Consumer-pleasing customer service even when onsite agents are busy with others o Alerts for onsite agents telling them a predator is shopping in the community (NterNow won the 2018 NAHB SAFE Award for reducing the riskiness of onsite agents’ jobs.) o Being able to reconfigure their HR/sales assets in the face of agent shortages o All the security features built into the NterNow system to keep the homes safe

Consumers Benefits:

Today’s shoppers, homebuyers and tenants alike, want to be two-thirds of the way though their decision-making before encountering a salesperson (Forrester Research). The builder and property management worlds are just beginning to adjust their service strategies to serve consumers the way consumers would like to be served. On-demand access is a start.

The hallmark of this purchase process revolution is independence in consumer’s decision-making, which is turning salespeople into on-demand resources and contract writers. This shift in control can be seen in many other industries who have developed a better user experience (UX). Today’s car buyers often skip test-drives and salespeople in their purchasing journey. Cars have been bought off the internet for more than 35 years, and with Carvana, your purchase is even delivered to you!

Builders and landlords who acknowledge the consumer’s need for control and provide tools like NterNow to satisfy their UX will expand their sales. (Five year old Carvana is now worth $5+ billion). Using NterNow to provide secure home access and consumer tools/tablets in the spec home to demo the possible options and upgrades provides the UX the consumer desires — to dream about buying their new home in a frictionless setting.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Homebuilders and landlords are torn — They wonder how they can gain more showings and prospects, but not imperil their gorgeous homes with too much access. NterNow is the only service which balances access and security successfully. NterNow attracts a remarkable number of leads. Here are results from two builders:

1) In a 90 day period, Smith Douglas Homebuilders (Woodstock) collected 121 unique users with one NterNow lock– 101 Shoppers/Prospects (average 34 shoppers per month) 19 Realtors 3 Tradesmen

2) Savvy Homes in North Carolina collected 590 leads from 5 NterNow locks on close-out homes. Altogether in that six month period, they converted 13 leads into purchasers (2.2% close rate).

It’s not surprising that the home-safety record of the NterNow system is remarkable since the system has been designed to prevent damage during DIY touring. While NterNow has provided access for 50,000+ unique users in the past year, we have not had one issue. In fact we haven’t had ANY loss in the last 5 years. From the patented code-changing lock, to the detailed ID verification process, to the tight call procedures and constant security innovation with our apps– NterNow is by far the most secure home-access service today.

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