MediaMAX Intelligent Home Connectivity Solutions (PoE+ Gigabit Switch System)

The MediaMAX™ Intelligent Home Connectivity Solution provides Ethernet and power to remote IoT home devices that use Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. PoE management is fully integrated with the MediaMAX BBU system so the user has full visibility t​o the entire MediaMAX system from one management platform. The PoE+ switch system in conjunction with the integrated battery backup creates a low voltage home network that will provide improved connectivity for bandwidth hungry devices such as gaming and 4K/8K video. The same low voltage network, will provide power and backhaul connectivity to wireless access points and security cameras using PoE+ technology. The integrated battery powered backup, will provide, on average, 90 minutes of network power during an a/c power outage, a critical aspect of security installations. This PoE system easily fits inside the MediaMAX media panel and its compact design simplifies construction and removes guesswork from installation and configuration of the home network.

Consumer Benefits:

Suttle’s Intelligent Home Connectivity Solution integrates active Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and wireless technology (WiFi) into a single managed hardware and software platform that simplifies purchasing, construction, and management operations. The active devices of the MediaMAX Intelligent Home Connectivity Solution are designed to be managed by the home owner, tenant, and service providers, dramatically simplifying network troubleshooting and reducing the number of service calls and are concealed as an unobtrusive, attractive, integrated solution that fits any décor.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Minimum Installation Time – Suttle designs components specifically to fit inside Suttle media panels. “Creative” guesswork is eliminated from the process and the installation time is reduced with a guided layout and/or components pre-installed by Suttle. Replicable Solution – Installers and contractors can replicate and customize installation configurations easily from project to project. High Quality – Suttle designs components specifically with heat dissipation and rigidity in mind. High quality accessories attach devices to the Suttle media panel dramatically reducing the risk of equipment drops and impacts. Excellent Customer Experience – By using Suttle components and solutions, customers will not second-guess the builder’s or installer’s quality.