Crestron Home™

Crestron Home™ is the world’s most powerful and responsive smart home platform that seamlessly manages all devices in the technology-driven homes of today. The beautiful user interface delivers a sophisticated, intuitive experience with elegant animation to give homeowners control over everything either remotely from their mobile device or at home using touch screens, voice command, remotes, and more.

Crestron Home supports modern living, delivering speed and simplicity for commanding home entertainment devices, thermostats, shades, lighting, security, appliances, and more all from a single app. Every home is unique, designed to suit the homeowner’s aesthetic, desires, and routines. Crestron Home offers the ability to customize, create, and organize favorites and schedules, with no detail left untouched.

A Crestron Home household is always evolving. In addition to the adjustments that homeowners can make to suit their lifestyle, updates continuously enhance the system with new features, functions, and experiences. With a professional who custom designs and supports the system, homeowners are rest assured that their home is secure, dependable, and can be upgraded with the newest technology, or expanded whenever they’re ready.


Consumer Benefits:

Each home is a unique expression of the lives lived there. With smart home technology that is intuitive and simple, homeowners can control their home with a system instantly responsive to touch or the sound of their voice. Crestron Home is a complete smart home system engineered to become invisible, so all that remains is the experience.

Crestron Home is constantly evolving to deliver powerful features that transform the experiences within the home. In the past year, Crestron Home added the ability to watch multiple TVs in a single room for applications like a home sports bar. Homeowners can easily see what is playing on each TV throughout their home and select the audio source they would like to play with the tap of a button.

The new Crestron 70-Series Touch Screens and Horizon Smart Thermostats deliver sleek interface designs to native Crestron Home control. With the deep and seamless integration of these devices, homeowners can enjoy a simple and consistent user experience no matter which control interface they use. The expansion with partners like Delos, Lutron, and more, brings deep integration for wellness, lighting, and other areas of the home all under one easy-to-use system.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Smart home technology has become a staple in most modern homes. From voice control assistants and smart TVs to impressive home theaters and complete home automation systems, there is something for everyone. For home renovation projects or new builds, Crestron delivers one home automation system that integrates seamlessly with a number of partners. The design teams are able to customize each system to complement the unique style of each home. Crestron Home delivers a seamless experience where technology works in harmony, ease and simplicity, creating the experience homeowners desire. Crestron Home is the answer to the intuitive, dynamic experience your clients demand.

Crestron Home blends seamlessly with the design of every home without disrupting the aesthetic. With simplified deployments for integrations teams, your projects stay on track with no delays and remaining within the budget. Crestron Home offers fast deployment with no programming required or software to learn. Integrators can set up any home easily, right from an iPad or web interface on a laptop. Crestron Home delivers one simple operating system to coordinate them all for one seamless user experience in every room and every project.


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