The new CYNC, powered by Savant mobile app is a revolutionary platform that includes personalization like no other app in the space and seamless control of all past and present C by GE products, as well as present and future CYNC products.

The intuitive and easy to use CYNC, powered by Savant mobile app uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to create a more user-friendly and customizable experience that enhances comfort, control, confidence and convenience in the home.
It includes functionalities from Savant’s award-winning Pro technology such as the patented TrueImage™ feature that gives consumers the ability to preview color and brightness changes using a photo of their room in the app.
The CYNC, powered by Savant mobile app is available for free and downloadable on the Apple Store and Google Play. It works with versions iOS 14 and up, or Android 8 and up.
The app raises the bar on what homeowners should expect from their whole home smart home controls.


Consumer Benefits:

Homeowners want reliable products in their homes that work when called upon and stand the test of time. An app that controls features of a home is no exception. There is nothing worse for a homeowner than an electronic device or software that does not work where and when needed and continually needs to be continually serviced or replaced with a difficult to find part.

Peace of mind is also paramount. The CYNC, powered by Savant mobile app is a reliable solution that controls a growing family of reliable hardware. Security is also top of mind with homeowners and lighting is the number one deterrent of crime. The ability to ensure that one never comes home to a dark house and to schedule and control lights while out of town on business or on vacation is a priceless feature that enhances safety.

The CYNC app also eliminates the need for multiple apps which can be confusing and frustrating. For example, one app to control one camera brand, another app to control lighting brand, another app to control thermostat brand and on and on.

The CYNC app is an easy and pain free way to enhance the entire homeowner experience.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Customers appreciate brand recognition and trust. CYNC products (formerly known as C by GE) and the CYNC, powered by Savant mobile app are offered by GE Lighting, a Savant company. The GE brand has been trusted in homes for more than 100 years.

Quality and reliability are other features that home builders look to deliver. GE Lighting, a Savant company is committed to the quality consumers have come to expect from the GE brand. This goes for the CYNC software as well as the hardware solutions that it controls.
Convenience and peace of mind are key to attracting new buyers. CYNC hardware products are available at thousands of retail locations across the US and Canada so homeowners can easily add or upgrade a CYNC smart product to their smart home.
The whole home CYNC product family includes a host of tunable white and full color smart bulbs, motion sensors, smart switches and dimmers, indoor and outdoor smart plugs and an indoor smart camera. Many more CYNC innovations are coming to market soon.
All hardware products can be set to scenes, timers and/or control inside the home and out with the CYNC, powered by Savant mobile app.




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