Over-the-Air Upgrades, GE Appliances powered by SmartHQ

In a demonstration of the vast opportunities available through WiFi-enabled appliance purchases, GE Appliances, a Haier company rolled out the first-ever air fry upgrade for ovens to the owners of more than 60 smart oven models and 200,000 units across CAFÉ, GE Profile and Haier brands. With the firm belief in innovation that makes the lives of consumers easier, more efficient and more personalized, GE Appliances drives a mindset that we are “Better When Connected.” By leveraging existing No-Preheat Air Fry technology in new appliance offerings from the company, engineers were able to push the technology via an over-the-air software download to previously sold appliances with WiFi capabilities. As a result, a whole new group of consumers could enjoy the crunch without the calories and no additional purchase. According to Forbes : “Tesla and iPhone owners take for granted that the latest upgrades for their models will arrive via download. It’s likely that thousands of GE Appliance owners didn’t expect the same capability for their ranges. Those who bought one of 60 connected models from the manufacturers’ Café, Profile and Haier brands in the last four years got a free no-preheat air fry upgrade starting on April 1.”


Consumer Benefits:

Smart appliance software over-the-air upgrades provide a better ownership experience for the homeowner. The software enhancements optimize appliance performance and provide the ability to add new features and functionality so the appliance gets better over time. Homeowners can rest assured their appliance always has the latest and greatest features with downloadable software upgrades that are pushed to our appliances through its WiFi connection. Consumers simply receive a notification that the update is available, and if their appliance is connected, all they have to do is download it through the SmartHQ app and the new feature will roll out to their appliances immediately.
Over-the-air upgrades also help improve the appliance service experience. Often, service issues can easily be resolved by applying an over-the-air upgrade. Lastly, smart appliances that are capable of receiving over-the-air upgrades offer the homeowner improved home value and command higher resale prices.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

GE appliances powered by SmartHQ, offer many benefits to the builder. As the demand for smart homes continues to grow, smart appliances serve as a differentiator for the builders setting them apart from other homebuilders. More specifically, with GE Appliance’s smart appliances powered by SmartHQ, homebuilders can often even help drive a higher sales price for the property. They also offer a better service experience with the ability to have many issues easily fixed remotely. The capabilities and advanced features of smart appliances enhance the ownership experience with the home and even drive better reviews and higher net promoter scores for the builder.



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