Signature Kitchen Suite 48” Pro Rangetop with Sous Vide and Induction

Luxury brand Signature Kitchen Suite has unveiled ultra-versatile industry-first dual-fuel cooktops with built-in sous vide modality – along with induction and gas burners, delivering the ultimate in precision cooking and giving at-home chefs the capabilities to bring restaurant results into their own kitchen. Once limited to only Michelin-star restaurants, the sous-vide cooking technique has been the go-to method of the world’s best chefs for years. It uses precise temperature control to slow-cook vacuum-sealed food in a water bath, delivering the perfect doneness, edge-to-edge, every time. Sous vide on the rangetop delivers precise temperature control within 1 degree of setpoint, helping to preserve minerals, vitamins and nutrients without additional fats or salts. Ultra-High™ Burners provide 23K BTUs of pure gas cooking power for better searing and quick stir frying, while Ultra-Low™ Burners simmer down to maintain temperatures as low as 100 degrees to prepare delicate sauces and sugary confections. This rangetop is the versatile workhorse of the kitchen and the only pro rangetop to include sous vide, four gas burners, and two-zone induction – a first-to-market thanks to utilizing 240 volts as opposed to 120 volts. Smart knobs with an LED display and WiFi timer deliver advanced connectivity and flexibility.


Consumer Benefits:

Progressive home chefs will appreciate the versatility and performance of this pro rangetop with the necessary tools and functionality to allow them to cook like the pros. Signature Kitchen Suite designed the only pro rangetop on the market to include built-in sous vide modality (a culinary game changer for serious home cooks!), four gas burners, as well as two-zone induction – a first to market. The brand identified the need for a pro rangetop that is just as flexible as the consumer needs it to be for the best results possible – made even more important with more individuals cooking and getting creative in kitchen given the pandemic. Home chefs can easily elevate their skills to the kitchen to create restaurant-quality results in a way that they never have before with sous vide technology. This has eliminated the need to buy a separate appliance for sous vide creations, allowing for a more streamlined cooking experience and a clutter-free countertop. Plus, at-home chefs will appreciate the speed of induction (yes, the wait for boiling water is over!). The various modalities and functionality built into the rangetop are unparalleled and will attract the attention of home buyers seeking the precision cooking experience.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Signature Kitchen Suite is a built-in line of luxury appliances for the high-end homebuyer. The company delivers the high performance, smart technology and innovative design that today’s affluent homebuyer demands. This new appliance is the perfect option for homebuilders looking to equip high-end kitchens with the most advanced culinary features and functionality – along with the leading-edge technologies, high precision, and thoughtful design. This industry-first pro rangetop allows builders to cater to today’s forward-thinking TechnicureanTM home chefs and deliver everything these buyers need to prepare more meals with less space and achieve professional style results at homes. With unmatched versatility, this pro rangetop includes built-in sous vide modality gas burners, and two-zone induction – a first-to-market thanks to utilizing 240 volts as opposed to 120 volts. The sous vide delivers precise temperature control within 1-degree of setpoint without the need of a circulator thanks to a hermetically and magnetically sealed lid.



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