Higharc is a technology company that is changing the way new homes are designed and built. Our product simplifies the homebuilding business by replacing wasteful, antiquated software and processes with online tools for everything from design development to construction documents. While many of today’s pre-construction practices hold builders back, Higharc streamlines builder operations, reducing errors and overhead while increasing quality.

Higharc’s design tools provide automatic architectural drafting, and output 3D renders that are fully interactive, allowing elevation changes and room-level configuration. No manual drafting is required – we automatically output construction drawings, material take-offs, and estimates that are ready for delivery to a builder.

For new home communities, we make it easy to set up a new community and apply lot-specific plans. On the sales & marketing side, our customer-facing tools let a customer explore a home in 3D and understand the impact that change will have with real-time pricing updates.

Higharc exists fully on the web and works across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Its user-friendly design enables builders to start configuring homes in a fraction of the time compared to other software that requires lengthy training or system setup. Higharc is a game changer for builders & buyers.


Consumer Benefits:

It’s difficult for homebuyers to visualize what a home will feel like when viewing a flat floor plan. Even 3D renderings are usually static images. Higharc’s fully interactive 3D environment lets a user explore, make changes, and understand the cost implications of their changes. Buyers can select from a variety of styles and customize every aspect of the home–from layout to finishes and fixtures. While there are many decisions to be made with a new home, the user will only need to customize what they care about. Best of all, there’s no special software to download – Higharc runs directly in a web browser.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Higharc’s tools help to unlock efficiencies for homebuilding operations that will reduce time and increase margin. Managing home plans and their associated options across communities is often complex, expensive, and frustrating. When accounting for the number of buildable options spread across hundreds of plans and communities, the numbers quickly spiral into unmanageable territory. And as options increase, so do errors.

Higharc allows implementation of architectural standards that are specific to a builder. Make one change and it’s replicated across every home in all of your communities. Our automated plan sets, schedules, and estimating pages have the ability to save hundreds of hours of what was previously a manual workflow, and greatly reduce the chance of errors being introduced. Reduction of errors & variances means an increase in the bottom line.




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