Roomored by Interior Logic Group delivers the industry’s most powerful virtual sales, design and analytics platform. Our technology engages homebuyers, accelerates option selection, drives incremental revenue, and improves homebuyer satisfaction.

Roomored is an integral component of Interior Logic Group’s HomeDesign solution, offering fully virtual home shopping and interior design capabilities for homebuyers. With its engaging photoreal visualization, Roomored offers an expansive product catalog of finish options such as flooring, cabinets, and countertops, enabling homebuilders to capture homebuyers and design dream homes online. Roomored increases homebuyer satisfaction while accelerating home purchase and design decisions, and increasing option spend. Leading homebuilders across North America are maximizing results with Roomored today.


Consumer Benefits:

Homebuyers can use unique designs that you’ve created specifically for them, you can also encourage buyers to experiment with your wide array of finish offerings. Since homebuyers will be able to visualize a multitude of product combinations before ever setting foot in the design studio, many design appointments decrease in length and result in increased efficiencies across the board. You can even track your homebuyer’s Design Online progress through the designer dashboard, which allows you to review the finishes they’ve “favorited” and completed designs in advance of the appointment.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Homebuyers design their dream homes and shop available options with real time pricing, available virtually from the comfort of their home, at the sales office and during their design selections. Buyers design homes anytime, from anywhere, with an engaging, digital experience that showcases the specific features available for each home. From initial sales engagement, to pre-design appointments and 100% online finish selections, Roomored fully transforms the design experience. Our scalable solutions increase homebuilder profitability and improve construction quality and cycle times



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