Jasco ProSeries Wi-Fi In-Wall Switch, with QuickFit and SimpleWire, 3-Way Compatible

Jasco ProSeries will include a full line of in-wall products – switches, dimmers, add-on switches and fan-speed controls available in rocker-style and toggle formats. The line will also include a 15A receptacle as well as receptacles with USB charging options. This innovative product category provides homeowners a holistic smart home experience under one app. The rocker and toggle options grant flexibility to match similar electrical device styles common in homes. The QuickFit design provides a housing depth reduced by 20% compared to previous models and eliminated heatsink break-off tabs. SimpleWire technology allows easy installation with patented auto-detecting line/load terminals, which prevent common wiring mistakes.

To enhance the Jasco ProSeries Z-Wave collection, the Wi-Fi products provide alternate installation options in new homes and retrofit applications. In-wall switches, dimmers, fan-speed controls and receptacles enable full operation through the free Jasco ProSeries mobile app. Users remotely control products individually or in groups, create schedules, set countdown timers, or select automated activities. Additionally, all devices are natively compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for a fully integrated smart lighting environment to save time and maximize comfort.


Consumer Benefits:

Installing a smart solution easily adds value without compromising design or user control. Simple installation and adjustability for home upgrades, the homeowner has the power of personalization and customization. Individual and group control through the Jasco ProSeries mobile app allows scheduling and operation to accommodate any need and home. A wide-reaching product collection boasts features ranging from brightness adjustment to color temperature selection and even custom circadian rhythm programs.

Lifetime product support ensures homeowners receive confident answers to potential questions. Intuitive product designs and the easy-to-use an app make programming simple. The Jasco ProSeries Wi-Fi product line is certified with smart voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

The Jasco ProSeries covers the builder with a scalable installation solution. Thanks to innovations like QuickFit and SimpleWire, installation complexity is removed. Jasco ProSeries products are also price protected and not sold in retail or e-commerce environments.

The in-wall Wi-Fi line is exceptionally user friendly – controlled via the Jasco ProSeries app – with no additional equipment or monthly service costs. All products can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands capable of full-home control.

The Jasco ProSeries Wi-Fi line is offers easy expansion of smart home technology to more solutions through the design center process. This also includes a 10-year product warranty and lifetime customer support for convenient post-installation technical troubleshooting.

The biggest strength to the Jasco ProSeries is its breadth and product scale for smart home lighting. From built-in switches and dimmers, smart bulbs, as well as outdoor string and landscape lighting, builders and homeowners have access to a full product solution that adds value to homes through consistent and aesthetically pleasing design choices.



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