Legrand Smart Lighting with Netatmo

Legrand expands its collections of designer switches and outlets to include smart lighting solutions featuring Netatmo smart home technology. With a selection of smart switches, dimmers, and outlets, the solutions will be available from both of Legrand’s design-inspired collections – adorne® and radiant® – and will leverage Netatmo technology to deliver the benefits of smart lighting control with unprecedented reliability and flexibility. Homeowners can then manage their lights and power, set scenes, create automated schedules, and much more, from anywhere, through Legrand’s intuitive Home + Control app.

Optimized for whole home use, the adorne and radiant with Netatmo solutions create a robust, dedicated network that can support advanced control of lights and power in any home environment. This makes the solutions ideal for larger homes and homes where Wi-Fi signals might struggle due to building material or the use of many smart products. The solutions install in place of standard switches and outlets, and can be easily setup in just a few taps. They can also easily connect to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit, or to leading home automation systems, to provide more comprehensive control.


Consumer Benefits:

By being built on the Netatmo platform, the new adorne and radiant solutions use less energy to operate and are therefore able to offer heightened flexibility. With battery-powered, wireless smart switches and dimmers, the solutions allow users to easily add 3-way lighting control, anywhere they want it, without any wiring at all. Further, all adorne or radiant with Netatmo switches, dimmers and outlets grant in-app visibility to their energy consumption, helping users monitor their usage to reduce cost and waste.


Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Designed with professional contractors and integrators in mind, the additions deliver unprecedented range, reliability and installation flexibility. Available from Legrand’s adorne® and radiant® Collections of designer switches and outlets, the solutions also include a versatile selection of smart switches, dimmers and outlets to fit any home’s unique needs and style.

The Zigbee-based mesh network strengthens with every switch or outlet added, making the solutions ideal for larger homes and homes where Wi-Fi signals struggle. The Gateway is available in two flexible options. It can be installed in a standard electrical box, or the surface-mount version can be attached to an existing switch or outlet, no new wiring required, to lay flush on top of the wall. Any combination of Netatmo-based smart devices can then replace existing switches, dimmers and outlets, and in new construction, they wire identically to standard devices.


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