Concord® LYNX™ 18

The Concord® LYNX™ 18 (4HP18V) simplifies inverter technology and installation all while maintaining an attainable price point for consumers – they pay for efficiency and technology, not extra installation time. The LYNX product line is equipped with QuickLink™ technology – our proprietary algorithms which allows the product to balance its operation, using temperature and pressure sensors, with a wide range of existing indoor equipment. QuickLink also brings class-leading preset operating modes with five in total – two for heating mode and three in cooling mode – to allow installers to fine-tune the unit’s operation from standard operation to efficiency to comfort mode with enhanced dehumidification to meet the needs of the any application and consumer preference.

All LYNX models come with our Omniguard® all-aluminum tube and fin coil design while maintaining brass-to-copper line set connections. This helps provide a corrosion-resistant coil that matches with aluminum indoor coils and ensures installers don’t need to learn new brazing techniques. 45-degree line set connections and angled service ports make brazing and charging easier while offering a charge mode in both heating and cooling operation to eliminate the need to go back and check the charge when weather conditions are right.

Consumer Benefits:

Consumers expect energy-efficient choices when buying their new home. By up-grading to the LYNX 18, consumers get efficiency levels of up to 20 SEER and annual energy savings of up to 22% annually vs. 14 SEER entry-level heat pumps. The true variable speed operation brings homeowners class-leading sound at max speed (72 dBA) and sound as low as 60 dBA while operating in low speed. That’s less than half of the sound of a standard 14 SEER heat pump and provides homeowners with a quiet backyard and keeps neighbors happy.

QuickLink™ technology is pre-set with five operating modes to allow installers to customize the system to what matters most to the consumer. In cooling mode, you can choose from efficiency mode, standard dehumidification mode, and enhanced dehumidification mode all while keeping the controls (thermostats) simple for the consumer.

Builder and Contractor Benefits:

Across North America, building codes and requirements are following a trend towards electrification and shifting away from fossil fuels and gas appliances. The LYNX heat pump provides builders an option for home heating and cooling that can provide heat down to -15° F and opens the geographic range where heat pumps can be applied.

LYNX 18 heat pumps are priced similarly to a 2-stage heat pump which means you’re providing true inverter-driven variable speed operation at a very competitive price point. Generally, this type of operation is only found on the highest-end equipment and requires proprietary controls to operate. Special training is typically required by the OEM for installers which can introduce risks during commissioning and finalizing a home. Our built-in technology helps keep it simple to install, budgets on track, and provides a more compelling selling story to potential buyers.

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