COX Pre-enabled Internet for Multifamily and Single-Family communities

Cox Pre-enabled Internet is ready when the homebuyer moves in. New homebuyers can activate their internet service as soon as they walk in the door. There is no need to call to order service or wait on a tech installation. The equipment is already installed. This service was key for residents during the Coronavirus pandemic since service providers could not cross the customer threshold. The main differentiator for builders is that this service integrates Cox into the Builder sales process by:

  • Providing a “frictionless journey” for homebuyers
  • Cox Services are integrated into the homebuying process
  • Builders promote Cox services as an amenity


Consumer Benefits


  • Pre-install for easy move-ins – Pre-installed Internet is an essential technology that drives demand and is super easy for residents to activate.
  • Easier move-ins are easier on builders – Seamless move-ins and reliable connectivity are achieved with Pre-Installed Internet. It boosts residential satisfaction and could encourage longer leases.
  • Even more curb appeal – Quick connectivity means that first move-in pizza is ordered so much faster. Forget the scheduling and waiting for installation. Plus, streaming music and movies right at walk-in helps the unpacking go by faster.
  • 4Speed you need – Properties are more attractive with reliable internet, especially when you empower them with fast connections from 250 Mbps up to 1 Gig.
  • 24/7 support – Property owners, managers, and residents can all rely on our dedicated team.
  • Resident Onboarding – Easy-to-follow collateral gives residents everything they need to know to get connected in no time.


  • Satisfaction from day one – Residents benefit from living at an in-demand property by having access to the latest leading Internet technology that supports their always-on lifestyle.
  • Online in minutes – Connecting quickly on move-in day is not only possible, but it’s super easy. Residents can activate using their smart device and start setting up other essential services.
  • Personalized plans – Optional add-ons like TV, Voice, and Home Automation offer up tailorĀ­ made amenities.
  • 24/7 support – Property owners, managers, and residents can all rely on our dedicated team.


Builder Benefits

  • When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Cox field technicians stopped crossing the threshold into people’s homes to keep workers and customers safe. Cox Communications worked with homebuilders to install telecom services and equipment into new homes before the buyers moved in. To be able to provide essential Internet service, builders are providing smart home features to the customers pre-close to enhance that customer experience.