COX Pre-installed Internet

  • Internet Gateways are preinstalled prior to the resident moving in, reducing the need and friction of scheduling a technician to come out and install your internet post move in
  • Residents can seamlessly and instantly activate their internet services by navigating to the unique URL and Cox buy flow.
  • Upon completion of this buy flow, which takes only minutes, the resident’s internet is up and running


Consumer Benefits

  • Satisfaction from day one
  • Set yourself up as an in-demand property by providing access to the latest “must have”-leading technology that supports the always-on lifestyle.
  • Online in minutes
  • Connecting quickly on move-in day is not only possible, but also super easy.
  • Personalized plans
  • Optional add-ons like Contour TV, Voice, and Homelife offer up tailorĀ­ made amenities


Builder Benefits

  • Drive demand with pre-installed essential technology that is super easy for your residents to set up
  • Easier move-ins are easier on you, too
  • Seamless move-ins and reliable connectivity? Get both with preĀ­ installed internet. Help boost residential satisfaction while you are at it, too. Added bonus-it could encourage longer leases.
  • Even more curb appeal
  • Quick connectivity means that first move-in pizza is ordered so much faster. Forget the scheduling and waiting for installation. Plus, streaming music and movies right at walk-in helps the unpacking go by faster.