designmyhome by Interior Logic Group is the industry’s most powerful virtual sales, design, and analytics platform. This cutting-edge technology features our award-winning interior design capabilities in conjunction with real-time pricing that updates as homebuyers select and visualize finishes throughout their virtual home. designmyhome offers photoreal visuals within a modern user interface, as well as an advanced search engine capable of indexing through millions of products with instant results. This platform provides homebuyers with their builder’s expansive product catalog of finish options such as flooring, backsplash, cabinets, and countertops, enabling builders to engage homebuyers and design dream homes online. designmyhome increases homebuyer satisfaction while accelerating home purchase and design decisions, and increasing option spend. These product offerings are available separately and in varying degrees of usability, but the benefits of designmyhome combines them all in one easy to use web application that’s accessible from any browser and device. In this day and age of instant access to information, the majority of homebuyers are demanding real-time pricing and product visualization; designmyhome delivers that and more, in stunning fashion.


Consumer Benefits

designmyhome allows homebuyers to design their dream home online and shop their builder’s available finish options and products with real-time pricing. Whether it’s on vacation, from the comfort of their home, or in-person during their design appointments, buyers have the ability to design their home anytime, from anywhere, with an immersive visualization experience that showcases the specific features available for each floorplan. Homebuyers can access their designer’s curated designs created specifically for them or they can experiment with the wide array of finish offerings on their own. With designmyhome, homebuyers can instantly visualize each finish option, such as cabinets, countertops, flooring, and backsplash, combined with their preferred hardware, appliances, and other product selections before adding them to their shopping cart for real-time pricing. designmyhome increases homebuyer satisfaction and streamlines the home design process by better preparing homebuyers for design appointments, providing pricing transparency, and delivering the ultimate visualization experience.


Builder Benefits

From initial sales engagement to pre-design appointments, and 100% online finish selections, designmyhome fully transforms the home sales and design experience. With designmyhome, homebuyers have the ability to design their dream home online, at any time and from anywhere, with access to thousands of their builder’s unique finish options and products, ranging from flooring and faucets to refrigerators and beyond. Since homebuyers are able to visualize a multitude of product combinations and associated pricing before ever setting foot in the design studio, many design appointments decrease in length and result in increased efficiencies across the board. In addition, builders are able to streamline customer-designer communication, manage design appointments, and visually track home design progress all within one platform. designmyhome even provides the homebuilder with powerful performance data and analytics on overall product, finish option, and floorplan selection, allowing them to manage their supply chains more efficiently and position the most used or premium products strategically. Our scalable solution increases homebuilder efficiency and profitability, and improves construction quality and cycle times.



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